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Friendship or food, is the new chicken or egg. Which comes first, is hard to say.

Friendships are built on the foundation of trust, love, care…. Wait, who are we kidding? The best of friendships are built on your shared love for food. And there ain’t no stronger foundation than that.

So here are 8 ways food, can make or break your friendship!

Lets start with the break, because making up is SO much better then 😉

Take your hands off my food!!

1. Where do we eat?!

Even Christopher Columbus would’ve taken lesser time and effort in finding America, than friends finding a place to eat.  Deciding on a place to eat has the potential to turn into an endless debate!  We have a strong hunch that the term ‘friends forever’ was probably coined by someone who saw friends discussing where to eat.  

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2. It’s not you, it’s me

Friends can never agree on who is the bigger foodie! Stuffing your face even when sometimes you’re too full, so you’ll never have to admit that your friend eats more than you.


3. The Veg – Non Veg Wedge

“Try chicken da, same as paneer only” 

“You eat animals? Isn’t it disgusting?”

The amount of annoying question they throw at each other, makes the Vegetarians vs Non-vegetarians battle more apparent than the Indo-Pak conflict. And the pursuit to convert the other, is too real.

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4. The final slice

It’s time to get your crazy on, when there is one slice of pizza but both you and your best friend eyeing it.  As the two of you lunge for the last slice, there’s surely gonna be some hair-pulling and name-calling! 

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Food, unites

5. It’s a plan!

We only know too well, those sincere “health” pacts we make with our friends. Hitting the gym together, eating healthy and avoiding junk food goes really well…… for a week, after which one or both, gives in. SIGH.  Whether the health pacts work or not, they do make your friendship, healthier!


6. Gluttony, our favourite sin

Hiding food under your desk during classes, over-ordering from your favourite restaurant or midnight snacking during sleepovers; binge-eating with your best friend is a wonderful thing. Also, the silver-lining of a heartbreak is of course lots of food, a movie line up and your best friend – the best therapy there is!



7. Raidy, steady, go

If it were possible, raiding fridges would become a sport, No one knows this better than two best friends, with an empty house and a stocked fridge! Waltzing into your best friend’s house, and raiding their kitchen like your own, is a sign of true friendship. Good friends share troubles and happiness; the best of friends share food.


8. We were just cooking!

There’s tsunami, earthquake, tornado and the likes, on one hand.  And on the other, there is two best friends, cooking!

Nothing screams disaster like two best friends with full access to the kitchen, trying to channel their inner chef. But nothing brings best friends closer, like their crazy food adventures!

Friends who love to eat, are indeed the best of friends. Your love for food is as great as your love for each other. And that’s a beautiful thing. 😉 


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