Brand Story

Farmerie [Farm + Merry = Farmerie]


Agriculture is known to be one of the first few activities that nurtured the development of sedentary human civilization. The role of a farm and the farmer is a vital link in supporting mankind which is worthy of celebration and praise.

The brand was created as a symbolism of this critical link between the producer and the consumer.

Farmerie was coined as an expression of the pure energy, ancient wisdom and timeless principles humanity has carried through all the ages.

The Promise

“Opportunity towards a healthy, active and fulfilling life.”

The Story

Farmerie symbolizes the small steps taken towards a fulfilling life through the choices we make – those choices that are entirely under an individual’s control and not influenced by others. The brand is that window of opportunity, that one state of mind, that one smallest change that gives a paradigm shift in the outlook towards oneself and the others around them. It is about being in control of oneself and the driver of the life’s journey one aspires to lead.

Farmerie stands for the inherent goodness that is in every individual that we can liken to goodness of nature. Touching lives even in the smallest way possible and choosing to take that small step.

The brand was created to encourage positive thinking and commitment to a healthy and better future for all.